Plug In America releases Charged Up The Definitive Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Plug In America, crusade for electric cars.
Plug In America, crusade for electric cars.

Plug In America is at it again, this time with the release of something everyone thinking about an electric car or motorcycle should know. The Charged Up!: The Definitive Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles, 2013 will certainly answer a few questions you might have about electric cars.

Plug-In America Charges Up… Again!  Plug In America releases “Charged Up!: The Definitive Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles, 2013. This fourth edition’s 68 pages showcases 17 current production electric and alternative energy vehicles. A must have!

Thanks to the team that never stops to assemble data, material and great stories for the EV unsuspecting mass, it also got know for its witty TV ads. If you are a plug-in driver, wether pure electric (EV) is a good idea for anyone thinking about buying a PEV. We reprint below

Electronic PDF version of Charged Up! is FREE to Plug In America members (join for as little as $25) or get print copies@$5 (less for  bulk orders) here.

So congratulations Plug In America on still marching forward, cementing electric cars firmly in today’s landscape.

Nicolas Zart
Born and raised around classic cars, it wasn't until Nicolas drove an AC Proulsion eBox and a Tesla Roadster that the light went on. Eager to spread the news about those amazing full torque electric vehicles, he started writing about this amazing technology and its social impacts in 2007. Today, Nicolas covers renewable energy, test drives cars, does podcasts and films. Nicolas offers an in-depth look at the e-mobility world through interviews and the many contacts he made in those industries. His articles are also published on Teslrati, CleanTechnica, the Beverly Hills Car Club and Medium. "There are more solutions than obstacles." Nicolas Zart