Classic BMW 328s finish the Mille Miglia

A total of nine beautiful BMW 328 classics completed the Mille Miglia 1,000 mile race in Italy last week.  BMW Group Classic held an impressive overall showing in the 2013 race, with historic sports cars of all stripes attending and the 1938 BMW 328 acting as flagship for them all.

“To witness the BMW 328 on this highly traditional route is a fascinating experience every time,” commented Dr Ralf Rodepeter, Director BMW Museum and BMW Group Classic Marketing. “The thought of those 1,000 miles being clocked up non-stop and at top speed 75 years ago commands the utmost respect from any motor racing fan following this event. We are very proud to be able to present in such authentic form today the vehicles that achieved those feats all that time ago.”

All of the competing 328s used the same reconstructed transmission, made from their originals, as part of the BMW Group Classic’s work to restore old vehicles.  BMW directly attributes those transmissions with the worry-free finish of all nine vehicles.  It’s the only classic replacement transmission considered authentic by both FIA and FIVA for the 328.

When the 1938 BMW 328 entered the race for the first time, back in 1938, the car took a clean sweep of the first through fourth positions in the 2.0-liter category.  For 2013, categories are not so definitely structured, but of the 400 cars in the Classics race, all of the BMW 328s finished at 200 or better with three in the top 100 finishers and one in the top 10.

Here is a gallery from BMW of their part in the Mille Miglia this year:

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Aaron Turpen
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