Update: Loeb results 2013 Pikes Peak First Race of the Day

Jeremiah Johnson Zero Motorcycles Pikes Peak
Jeremiah Johnson is confident with his Zero Motorcycles before tackling Pikes Peak
Jeremiah Johnson Zero Motorcycles Pikes Peak
Jeremiah Johnson is confident with his Zero Motorcycles before tackling Pikes Peak

UPDATE: The 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is off to a great start. This year electric vehicles (EV) are giving gasoline engines a run for their money.

Peugeot 208 Sebastian Loeb 8:13.878, speed 87.471

Zero Motorcycles Jeremiah Johonson 12:05.612 Speed 59.536

Lightning Carlin Dunne 10:00.694, speed 71.917

The early day is greeting a mixture of electric motors and gasoline engines at this time honored race. What a year to watch the Pikes Peak race. Electric motorcycles removed the gasoline engine supremacy for the first time and Lightning took pole position. As we watch the electric motorcycle take off, we await the prototypes. I had time to catch up with Jeremiah Johnson on his Zero S, Zero Motorcycles who is always on top of his game. Greg Tracy and Hiroshi Masuoka with Mitsubishi and their MiEV Evolution II are keeping a close look on the race. The Toyota tent is also watching the development, facing the Tajima Monster, equally active.

Carlin Dunne riding for Lightning Motorcycles took the pole position in the Exhibition Powersports class beating his own 2012 riding his 1200cc superbike time. He ran the race in 10 minutes at 71.917 mph, winning the category. Can you say the EV movement made it? Sadly enough, Michael Leon with the Amarok  didn’t see the red flag for a Quad that went off road and caught on fire. The driver has been rushed to the hospital. It looks as if Michael won’t continue the race. It’s a shame because it was Amarok’s first year and it would have been great seeing this prototype gather more data for next year.

Tajima was walking through the crowd after celebrating his birthday yesterday. Drivers are mixing amongst each other, keeping their best PR faces. So far, the weather is holding out well with a cool 34 degrees at the finish line. Next International super Sebastian Loeb will take his Peugeot 208 up the mountain. He has favored to win overall. You can follow the race live here.

Stay tuned for more as cover the rest of the race.

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