Ford Announces Free Enhancements and Increased Electrified Car Growth

Ford electrified cars get upgrades
New updates and upgrades for current Ford electrified cars
Ford electrified cars get upgrades
New updates and upgrades for current Ford electrified cars

Ford has just released a few numbers showing how well the company is doing in the electrified vehicle industry.  Having achieved the Power of Choice mid-term goal, they are now taking the next step, and you will like it.

Power of Choice, Expands.  After a two step plan to expand Ford’s famous Power of Choice, the company is now taking its next step.  This means good news for Ford drivers, since regardless of which electrified Ford vehicle you drive, upgrades, updates and more are coming your way.  Ford cars now sport auto-stop and auto-start systems, as well as 9 10 speed gearbox, and more.

Now For The Improvements.  Here are the improvements to look forward with current Ford vehicles and new ones.  Current owners can now bring their electrified vehicles to dealerships for the following improvements —  free of charge.  An increased electric only speed mode from 62 to 85 MPH, a reduce electric fan speed for better electricity management, and an optimize grille shutter.  The air condition compressor gets an optimization upgrade, while the engine warm up is reduced by 50%.  These enhancements are made on new cars now.

People Want Fuel Efficiency, Ford Delivers.  Fuel efficiency at Ford wins best or top best best for many of its cars, according to its latest numbers.  The Dearborn car maker now has seven cars that get 40 MPG and its US market share has experienced a 1% growth through the first half year.  In fact, this is its highest MPG steady growth sales number ever.  Since 2008, 42% of its growth happens in its super vehicle, the Focus, Fiesta, C-MAX, Fusion and Escape segment, up from 35% previously.  Everything relies on its electrified cars, the Focus Electric (EV), the Fusion and C-MAX hybrid, and its plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Energi line up.

Ford Electrified Market Growth.  In the last two years alone, six new electrified cars came to the market with electrified sales through topping 64,000 units year-to-year in June.  Ford is the number one utility brand in North America.  There are 16% electrified more cars in their portfolio, a 15.7% U.S. electrified market share, and a 12 point increase since 2012.  Ford is now 2nd to Toyota with hybrid sales.

The important growth is with their Fusions and C-MAX cars.  In fact, three out four C-MAX buyers are boomers or mature.  They are more fluent, educated and look for fuel economy as the most important aspect when buying a hybrid.  29% of Fusion Hybrid are under the age of 26.  80% chose MyFord Touch, 62% the Navigation system, and 59% ask for the hands-free Liftgate, handy when your hands are full and you can’t fiddle around with opening the back tail of a C-MAX.

Customer look for greater ergonomics, which has attracted clientele from other markers, 64% for the C-MAX, and 67% for the Fusion Hybrid.  In fact, the C-MAX is now one of the top selling hybrid while others makers have seen a drop.  All of this is helped by California where 40% of the C-MAX are sold and 50% for the Fusion.  Indeed, the C-MAX finds a 75% conquest in San Francisco and 67% for Los AngelesLincoln has also shown a strong growth, marked by a 40% production increase with its MKZ.

Here is the entire news release:

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Congratulations Ford for embracing the electrification of your vehicles before others realized its importance.  The numbers speak well and current Ford cars are light years ahead of the generation a decade ago.  The Ford C-MAX and Fusion has brought the company to the foremost of a new era of electrified vehicles.

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