Indian Kid driving a Ferrari F430 [VIDEO]

ferrari f430

This video is from a few months back but I thought it would be fun to post anyway.  It shows a kid in India driving a Ferrari F430 on the streets.  Apparently his father bought him the car for his 9th birthday, even though he can’t legally drive it.

It was speculated the father got arrested but that wasn’t accurate as the father replied;

I wasnt arrested I got bail from the peramangalam station trissur kerala was a 20 min work. was no big deal. im training him in my factory to get the lambo out moreover he has driven my other cars like Bentley coupe gt speed porsche carrera turbo Aston Martin db9 etc. training him to get into F1 as its his passion. I dont think you people need to make a big deal out of it.

I guess if you get a Ferrari when you are 9 years old, going into F1 probably is not out of the question.  Clearly this kid has parents that could help facilitate his F1 career.

What do you think of a 9 year old getting a Ferrari?  A waste or is it cool?

Adam Yamada-Hanff
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