This week on the CarNewsCafe Podcast 14:

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3 thoughts on “CarNewsCafe Podcast 14 – KillaJoule, Jaguar C-X17, Elio Motors, Mazda Loyalty”

  1. Great podcast, I’d really be interested to hear what the French man thinks of i3 vs Volt. Will BMW steal the market from the Volt considering the average annual income of Volt buyers is $175k?

    1. Great question Steven, although I wonder who is that French man you mention 😉 The i3 and the Volt are two very different cars and will appeal to two different types of people. Any car shows or events you will go to, pay attention who hovers over which. Neither will take away from the other market, at least with the pure electric version of the i3. When it comes to range extended feature of the i3, yes, it will take away some of the luster the Volt enjoyed these past few years.

      The i3 is also bigger then it appears on pictures. I think those who favor performance will go over to BMW. Those who favor the “Made in the USA” flavor, will go for the Volt. The real competition for the i3 is more the Spark EV, which is a lot of fun driving in Sport mode.

    2. I doubt the BMW i3 is going to steal market share from the Volt. It doesn’t have particular high sales numbers and most people who buy it want a green “American” car.

      The BMW i3 will definitely crave out it’s own niche market and I think it will be successful for BMW. They have good marketing and branding behind in my opinion.

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