How to Make an F1 Car – Composites [VIDEO]

how to make an f1 car

how to make an f1 car

Have you ever wondered How to Make an F1 Car?  Well Infiniti Red Bull Racing are taking you behind the scenes in a sweet four-part online video series to show F1 racing fans and the public how it’s done.

In the second installment of the series, Alan Peasland, Technical Partnership Manager for Red Bull Racing, discusses the process of using and building carbon fiber for Red Bull’s  F1 cars.  It’s important to realize that most everything you see on an F1 car is built out of carbon fiber, which isn’t cheap, but this is Formula 1 racing.

Juicy Carbon Fiber Facts;

  • It’s 10 times Stronger than Steel
  • It weighs half as much as Steel

You can see all the effort that goes into making lightweight composites at the Milton Keynes facility (that is in England) right here!

Remember to check out the first video on Research and Development too.

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