world gratitude day

world gratitude day

Today is World Gratitude Day, a day to reflect and be thankful for the things and people that you value; in addition to thinking about what brings you happiness in your life.

A few things I often think of and am personally grateful for is CarNewsCafe and what we have been able to do with over the past few months.  When we started I didn’t expect our podcast would be so successful and we would make so many great connections.  I am also grateful for cars, since it makes getting around easier.  In addition I am also very thankful for Cody and Sierra, my two Singing Dogs!

While I could go on about what I am greatful for, what are you grareful for on World Gratitude Day? Leave a comment below and let us know whether it be family, friends, something you own, something you don’t own, or something plain silly.  We want to hear it!

World Gratitude Day was started by the United Nations back in 1977 to help people better reflect on their lives. 

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Adam has always loved cars and anything with wheels. When he is not writing about interesting stories you might find him jamming on his saxophone, watching movies, creating art, or playing with his two dogs.

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One thought on “Today is #WorldGratitudeDay! What are you Grateful for?”

  1. I am grateful for my two daughters, Heidi and Adelyn, for the wife who gave them to me, to the many friends I’ve met over the years, and to the great people who volunteer their time and efforts for compassionate causes around the globe.

    I’m also grateful that I have been able to turn one of my passions (automotive) into a career and for meeting awesome people like Adam and Nicolas to work with.

    I’ll also be grateful when CarNewsCafe becomes a big enough success that we can actually make instead of spend money with it. lol

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