Full-Size Trucks – The REAL Chick Magnet

prius vs truck

Recently, on this site, there have been several posts about what kind of cars are chick magnets. These articles included many older cars and new models. Yet, there was one type of vehicle missing – full-size trucks. How can you have a “cars that will get you laid” list without a full-size truck? You can’t.

Full-Size Trucks - The REAL Chick MagnetWhile there may be places in this country where a full-size truck doesn’t make sense (see: New York City) and there may be a “type” of woman who isn’t into trucks (see: snob, high class), the MAJORITY of this country is still rural with large cities mixed in. And there is a large part of the U.S. that loves pickups.

How can I prove the above statement? Simple. What is the best selling vehicle in the U.S.? It’s a truck. Why? It is powerful, manly and incredibly useful. The truck is a symbol of getting work done. It has for decades been synonymous with the working man. What is sexier to a woman than a man who gets stuff done and provides for his family? Nothing – period.

While the “other” article says that a Fiat or a VW convertible is your ticket to the bed room, truck owners/lovers know that is garbage. Consider this, when is the last time you heard a romantic song about a guy picking a girl up in a bug? Never. How about a pickup? Plenty. Sure, you could argue that only happens in country music, yet again, country music is INCREDIBLY popular. It is like Joe Diffie said: “There’s just something women like about a Pickup Man.”

Sure, there is the occasional woman who wants a man to drive an economical car like a Prius, I haven’t seen one. I would argue all-day that the girl you WANT to pick up and have a good time with, wants a pickup man. The girl who thinks you’re cute, is the girl lusting for the bug. If you don’t know women, here is a clue: being cute isn’t getting laid.

The sports cars of yesteryear and expensive imports have their place, like at a car show.

Tim Esterdahl
Tim is an automotive journalist and contributor to many sites. He mainly covers the full-size truck market because according to him "that's where its at. Hello?" A native of Michigan who ran to Colorado as soon as he could, he enjoys writing, sports, golf and spending time with his wife and three kids.