How to Make an F1 Car – Manufacturing [VIDEO]

how to make an f1 car

how to make an f1 car

How to Make an F1 shows the intricacies and details that go into designing and building a winning Formula 1 car.  The series goes behind the scenes of Red Bull Racing’s facility in Milton Keynes, England.

This week’s episode goes behind the manufacturing process of building the parts and components for Infiniti Red Bull’s F1 cars. Some cool facts from “How to Make an F1 Car” part 3;

  • A Formula 1 car takes 5 months to Design and Develop.
  • 300 Machinists and Designers worked on Red Bull’s RB9 F1 car.
  • The RB9 is made from 6,500 unique parts.
  • Which includes 100,000 components
  • 70% of these are machined in-house at Milton Keynes

Using exclusive interviews with team members and showcasing detailed and artistic footage of the intricate procedures required to make an F1 car, this mini-series sees us opening our factory doors to show how an F1 car is made.

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