Porsche 918
BMW i8
BMW i8

The Los Angeles Auto Show 2013 has just opened its doors to the media.  Join us to find out what to expect for 2014.

While this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show has nowhere near then enthusiasm we felt with electric vehicles (EV) in 2008, this year, the tone is sobriety and variety.  Indeed, from Mazda to GM, the accent is on more performance, affordability and lower emissions.

Ford has it’s entire line up, where you would be hard pressed to not find your choice car.  Lincoln is also showing its growing line of cars.

Next to Ford, Mitsubishi is showing next year’s new i MiEV, as well as the new Mirage, which has already received a lot of accolades.  We will test drive it soon.  Stay tuned for more from Mitsubishi, as a new line up is being revealed.

At Mazda, we had the priviledge to talk to Kelvin Hiraishi, Director R&D Engineering West.  It was interesting to talk about the SKYACTIV technology that is so dear to Mazda.  We will have a review of Mazda6 Skyactiv in a little while.

Porsche’s growing stable of hybrids is impressive, but none as much as the 918.  What can we say about it?  As pretty up close as you would imagine?  You bet.

Nissan is not putting the Leaf front row but rather the Juke NISMO and of course, a GT-R.

GM is showing everything under the sun, from SUVs to the Volt and of course, the new Spark EV that we had a chance to test drive.  The Corvette is prettier in real life than in images, with a great interior feel, better quality and it’s well laid out.

Corvette Stingray 2013
Corvette Stingray 2013

Honda is showing its Dream power by giving us the CR-Z we enjoyed test driving so much, next to the Accord Plug In Hybrid.  Honda has awakened and will surprise us over the next few years.

Fiat is showing the Spark EV it has competition with the 500e.  In fact, both cars deserve a side by side comparison.

Infiniti is showing a Q70 that’s worth a second look.

Toyota is showing its ever growing family of Prius, as well as the rest of its portfolio.  We are happy to see the Corolla‘s image mature.

Lastly, a Chinese Puma has been spotted in the Los Angeles Auto Show halls with curious media onlookers.  This Blue Puma is the biggest thing on wheels here.


This year shows an industry that has matured more in the past years then it has in decades.  Every manufacturer has chosen a specific recipe in the race to raise performance, while lowering emissions and making modern cars affordable.

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