Podcast 21 – sema, SEma, SEMA!

In this semi-special edition, Aaron gets off the little bus and talks about the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show that happened in Las Vegas this last week. CarNewsCafe covered it heavily and this roundup gives you an idea of what was there this year. Everything talked about can be found in the SEMA category on the website here. Or you can follow along with the links below.

Aaron walks through the following:

  • Toyo Tires had some great stuff at the show, including a Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R and a bitchin’ badass 1969 Ford Bronco owned by some celebrity named Tony.
  • Hollywood Hotrods did a Mustang GT Convertible custom that is really, really cool looking.
  • Chevrolet showcased concepts created by customers instead of by Chevy staff. Awesome, awesome stuff.
  • The car used for the Chevy stuff was the Sonic, which Aaron reviewed just this week as the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic 5DR LT.
  • Hyundai did a cool Road to SEMA video that you should check out.
  • Toyota was at SEMA in force, with Scion leading the way with some hot concepts designed by people making their perfect ride. Check that out here.
  • Toyota’s Lexus was also there with some concepts to showcase.
  • And Toyota themselves had two things going on, one was concept designs by athletes and the other was the final, special last hurrah version of the FJ Cruiser, which discontinues after the 2014 model year.
  • Chrysler hit the show with a variety of concepts ranging from the new Jeep Cherokee as an offroad runner to a bespoke edition of the 300S.
  • Mazda barreled into SEMA with some blockbuster concepts, all based on the uber-awesome Mazda6 and the killer littler Mazda3. Also see Aaron’s complete coverage of them on TorqueNews.com.
  • KISS bassist Gene Simmons and his beautiful wife Shannon Tweed unveiled a special Snakebit F-100 pickup truck that will be auctioned for charity.
  • And a quick awards wrapup, mentioning the Jeep, Scion, and Ford wins this year.
  • Then Aaron finishes off by sneak peaking at some of the upcoming reviews and articles we’ll have here on CarNewsCafe over the next couple of weeks or so as test drives complete, the LA Auto Show opens, and so forth.

Download the MP3 directly at this link.

Checkout last week’s episode CarNewsCafe Podcast 21 where we talk SEMA, LA Auto Show, and why the 4Runner sucks.

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