Modern Marvels presents the Engines episode

Modern Marvels Engines
The New Fuel-Efficient 1.5-liter EcoBoost Engine

If you have TV and access to the History Channel’s Modern Marvels (careful, a video will auto play when you click on this link), go and check out their episode called: Engines.

There are a lot of shows that try to capture the essence of a specific technology but not too many keep it impartial.  Modern Marvel’s Engine episode did a terrific job at exploring the different types of motors humanity has invented, from the Greek Aeolipile Hero steam engine, considered to be the first recorded steam engine to molecule engines.

What we liked.

Modern Marvels does a great job at covering the history of modern engines and gives the pros and cons.  Whether talking about battery technology or hydrogen fuel cells, the show explained the pros and the cons.

What Was Odd.

We can’t seem to link to the episode, nor even send Modern Marvels an email to say Kudos.

If you find the link, please share it.  In the meantime, check this episode.

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