Nissan has unveiled a hot new design concept centered around a powerful new sports sedan. The car, while purely a concept, showcases Nissan’s future design language going forward as the company aggressively presses all of its markets globally.

The concept is a midsize sedan that is both beautiful and powerful. With a length similar to the current Nissan Altima design, the car has a wheel base and track width that is about three inches wider than the Altima’s. It’s also nearly three inches shorter, making it a far more aggressive design.

Watch the unveil below and stay tuned for more details on this great concept coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “Nissan unveils new Sport Sedan Concept at NAIAS [video]”

  1. Wow, that is nice and a few trends they’re aiming for. I’m looking forward to how this will translate with their upcoming cars.

    1. Ya, it’s a beauty. If it’s produced, it could be the next Maxima or Altima 3.5SL – the size is similar to the Altima and the powertrain is in both the Maxima and Altima 3.5. The Altima does 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds, so imagine what would happen in a sport-tuned option..

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