Audi TT to unveil at Geneva as sporty compact

The upcoming Geneva Motor Show is sure to be exciting as more and more unveils are announced. Audi has now announced that they will be revealing a new compact format sports car. Teaser drawings of the car have been offered as well.

This is the new Audi TT, marking the third-generation of the sports compact. It’s based on “reinterpretations” of the original 1998 design. From the visuals given, we can see it has the typical Audi wide body design with a low, coupe roof angle and a lot of horizontal lines to make movement for the eye.

Audi TT

Pieces of the R8 can be seen, including the new position for the Audi rings logo as a hood ornament. Large air inlets and division struts also come from the R8. Audi says that the TT will feature LED headlights with optional Matrix LED.

From that 1998 design, though, we can see a carry through here as promised. Wide wheel arches were the hallmark of the first-generation and they’re still here in this latest offering. The continuous line from the wheel arch, across the doors, to the rear is another holdover.


In the back, we see more lines to keep that wide stance as a clear impression. The rear lamps mirror the front with their struts. They’re connected by the third brake lamp across the line.

The new Audi TT will unveil at the Geneva International Motor Show in about a week.


Aaron Turpen
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