Honda shows decades of anti-pollution technology

The Honda Fit EV
The Honda CR-Z is a a blast to drive!

It’s hard to remember Los Angeles in the 70s and 80s, but the city had an almost permanent gray-brown layer of pollution hanging over it. Honda reminds us it has worked on cleaning the environment for five decades.

Today’s skyline in Los Angeles is much clearer, although pollution is now coming from China and amounts up to 25% on certain days. While it’s not fair blaming China for all economic woes, we are the ones responsible for demanding cheap products and allowing our leaders to run our economy amok. In the meantime, we can always cheer companies who have worked toward cleaner vehicles and favor their products.

Honda toots its cleaner horn.

The following video is from Honda showing the work it has done over the past decades making their cars cleaner. We particularly applaud the work they have done finding better earth minerals for the electric motors, and hope the company will continue to lead this industry. We also look forward to more electric vehicle (EV) cleanly produced and powered. That is the crucial point.

As much as we like seeing pro-active carmakers, we can’t help but wonder how else the message could have been delivered.

Nicolas Zart
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