100,000+ Nissan LEAF owners done the right way

Nissan Leaf unveiling
The Nissan Leaf unveiling in Los Angeles

nissan leafNissan took an interesting page from the current social media trends by bringing LEAF enthusiasm online by its most fervent enthusiasts, its drivers. Using all the right moves with crowd-sourcing and mixing social outreach, Nissan created the website to let its owners share their stories.

Nissan steps up its social media outreach in a smart way

The Nissan LEAF is the best-selling electric vehicle of all time, with global sales of more than 100,000.  (You might remember when we wrote about when the Nissan Leaf reached 50,000 global sales last year.)  Better yet, half of those have been sold in the United States. Nissan estimates that, collectively, owners saved more than $28 million in gasoline costs globally. Nissan now wants to celebrate this event in an intelligent way.

Who would you rather trust? A company claiming they’re the best or its users? Taking a cue from the Tesla and Apple book of social user engagement, Nissan would rather you hear from the people who actually buy electric vehicles (EV), the early electric adopters. It has launched a new program called Real Owners. Real Questions, dedicated to current LEAF owners sharing their stories and reasons online. Nissan hopes this will be enough for anyone to want to own a Nissan LEAF. After all, wouldn’t you want to know what EV ownership is like from those who actually drive them?

Real Owners. Real Questions. differs from other brand websites in that it is crowd-sourced based. It collected more than 500 quotes, with 200 images, and original videos from LEAF owners worldwide. With dynamic search tiles and suggestive search functionality, the new website brings the most relevant things to the viewer it can find.

Want to know about owning a Nissan LEAF? Just ask!

You can go over to the website and simply ask any reasonable question to find out anything from what is the longest trip taken, to how much money they’ve saved in gasoline costs.

Let us know what you think. We feel this is the way to go for the future. Wouldn’t you rather hear from current owners, or the same old chest beating advertisements?

Nicolas Zart
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