Big rig in Australia jumps 102 feet [video]

In his second attempt in two years, Ash Nichols, an Aussie daredevil, has jumped a full-sized, largely stock big rig truck 101.9 feet. The Ford LTL is a common truck seen plying Australian roads, but rarely gets this kind of air time without serious damage on the other end.

Hosted at the Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park in Barmera, Australia, this is the second attempt by Nichols the nutcase stuntman. His attempt last year came up about a foot short of the goal, resulting in a violent landing that he, fortunately, walked away from.

You’ll see from the initial video of last year’s run that he wears a lot of safety equipment and the interior of the truck is anything but stock, with roll cage reinforcements, protective seating, and so forth having been added for Nichols’ protection. He also wears a spine-stiffening back brace which holds his back and neck straight to prevent whiplash and head injuries.

Otherwise, the Ford rig is unmodified. You’ll hear him say that in his run-up to the ramp, he goes through to 11th gear!  Check it out below, starting with his failed attempt last year followed by his successful 101.9-foot jump just a few days ago.

Hat Tip: Road & Track

Aaron Turpen
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