LAPD adds Lamborghini Gallardo to Police Fleet

lapd lamborghini gallardo

lapd lamborghini gallardo

It seems that Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) police fleet is too slow to catch speed demons in the City of Angels.  What’s the solution?  A Lamborghini Gallardo.

The LAPD have added a Lamborghini Gallardo to their police fleet.  Yes, you read that right and before anyone makes a comment about how this is a waste of taxpayer dollars the Gallardo was a donation by Travis and Nathalie Marg.  The couple owns a telecommunications and fiber optic company known as Light Source 1 and it seems they wanted to do something good for Los Angeles while promoting their company.

The generous Lamborghini Gallardo donation (that just sounds weird doesn’t it?) to the LAPD won’t actually be used for catching bad guys.  Although that would be pretty cool.  Instead it will be used for charity events along with the LAPD Air Support Team.  That means it’s unlikely you will see the LAPD Lamborghini Gallardo pulling over any Lamborghini Gallardos on the streets and highways of LA.

lapd lamborghini

Some of you might remember that the Dubai Police own a Lamborghini Aventador in addition to several other supercars.  While a Gallardo isn’t an Aventador, at least 1 US based police department has a supercar in the police fleet now.  Why can’t the US compete with oil money?

If you want to keep updated with when the LAPD Lamborghini Gallardo will make public appearances the LAPD has started a website and an Instragram account.

As a side note reports have surfaced that LAPD applications have increased 2000%. 😉

If you’ve ever thought about joining the Los Angeles Police department now would be a good time.  Just make sure to specific on your application you want to be in the “Lamborghini Gallardo unit.”

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