Subaru dealership turns union protest into winning marketing strategy

A Subaru dealership in Wichita, Kansas had some upgrades done to its facility to meet new requirements from Subaru. The work was contracted to a general contractor who then hired several subcontractors for various portions of the work. Bidding was done in the usual way: the most qualified applicants with the best prices won.

One of those applicants was a drywall hanging crew that did the work. The problem? They weren’t part of the local union, whose contractors had lost the bid. Enter the Carpenters Local 201.


Long after the work was completed, the 201 brought sign holders to hold up this sign in front of the Subaru dealership and handed out fliers claiming that the work had been done without paying a “living wage” to the employees, including health insurance and other benefits.

Rather than waste time bickering with the union over the obvious, the dealership instead responded by making a sign of their own. The result? Classic and awesome:


To get the whole story, including copies of the flier being handed out by the Carpenters Local 201 and Subaru of Wichita’s response via press and Twitter, see the whole story at Twitchy.


Aaron Turpen
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