The show American Pickers on the History Channel is one of my favorites. Many of the show’s scenes and discussions happen inside the cockpit of the team’s van, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Starting tonight, though, the guys at American Pickers will be utilizing a new van. A Ford Transit.

Stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel around the United States, searching remote and rustic locations for classic gems that can be restored and resold. Wolfe and Fritz will drive a 2015 Transit, a full-size van designed for commercial use, in their mission to find these relics.

“The biggest thing is, when the van is full, then we’ve got to come home. I’m interested in real estate on wheels,” Wolfe says during the episode airing April 30. “There were four or five different vehicles I was looking at, and I just keep coming back to the Ford as the better choice.”

American Pickers will use the largest Transit model – with a long wheelbase, extended body and high roof – featuring the Ford 3.2-liter Power Stroke five-cylinder diesel engine.



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5 thoughts on “American Pickers gets a new cast member: a Ford Transit”

  1. Nice choice by the boys, their Sprinter seemed to be on it’s last leg.. Though I have to wonder whether or not this is product placement by Ford.

    I guess we’ll find out on tonight’s episode. 🙂

    1. I suspect it was mutual. Given what they’re doing, I think they made a good choice. It’s a competitive market in these vans, but their Mercedes was overpriced (to replace) and I suspect Ford sweetened the deal to beat out Ram and Nissan.

  2. These vehicles are cool, Frank Fritz could stand up in these, got the money you can get one of these converted into a self contained motorhome

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