Ken Gushi splashes Slow Mo Guys [VIDEO]

slow mo guys

Ken Gushi, a driver for Scion racing, decided to lend his skills for an epic car video.  What was it?  Driving a Scion FR-S (one of our favorite cars on this car news site) through a huge puddle to splash the Slow Mo Guys.  Obviously recorded in super slow motion and posted on Youtube.

You probably think this sounds lame, right?  It’s not, check out the video here.

Huge Puddle Splash – The Slow Mo Guys – Scion FR-S

You might remember the Slow Mo Guys video where they deploy airbags in slow motion.  That was probably a better video but we like this one too.  Let us know what you think of both Slow Mo Guys videos below.

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Adam Yamada-Hanff
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