Netflix’s motorcycle Faster and Fastest, the sweet MotoGP addiction


For some of you, Formula 1 has lost it raw appeal and is about as clinical as can be. To be fair, this year’s new rules are bringing back some of the original fun, but wins are still calculated in fractions of seconds and team strategies often mean spots on the podium and points. Let’s face, many of us miss the pioneering days up culminating when Ayrton Senna was duking it out with Alain Prost. While those years might be gone, a good place to turn your attention to is the never ending exciting world of Moto GP.

These guys are from another planet

You have to be hard wired differently to race in Moto GP. Hitting walls at 230 km/h (143 MPH) is not something you and I even contemplate, but for these highly motivated riders, that is just part of the risk they take. The performance is as spectacular as watching them slip and slide at the limit of traction coming out of corners.

Netflix has two films to help your adrenaline fix and cure your longing for raw racing with the movies Faster and Fastest. A and motorcycle as one means a holistic and synergistic relationship. No longer is the driver relegated to reflexes and strategy, the rider is part also part of the overall balance. The rider throws the the motorcycle in corners, defying gravity at aver 120 MPH. That speaks volumes to us at CarNewsCafe.

Moto GP has evolved throughout the years when Agostino, world champion and star of the 1970s and early 1980s world, clinched the undisputed world title. He was, and still is the undefeated king, unless our current and highly entertaining Valentino Rossi can best his record of 122 wins. The Netflix movies, Faster and Fastest will span the crucial early last decade year and we, at CarNewsCafe, apologize if after watching them, motorcycle racing is the only thing on your mind. These movies will take you on a ride through the transitioning away from 2 strokes to 4 strokes. The movies will take you from 2002 when he was fighting against Biaggi, and from Honda to Yamaha, to Ducatti, back to Yamaha again.

Valentino Rossi takes on Agostini

It focuses a lot on Rossi, but after all, Valentino races and mostly wins in a spectacular manner. Rossi is a natural, with a well polished public persona and wins in ways others can only dream of. What is striking about Rossi is that he rides with fierce determination, but without dramatic ups and downs. He looks as if he barely reaches 95% of his potential, while others seem to be beyond 110%. This was shown when his heart rate and Biaggi’s were monitored while racing. Rossi’s maintained an even level, while Biaggi’s spiked where you and I would normally peak.

2014 is even more interesting because Rossi returns to Yamaha and, let’s face it, he’s getting relatively old. Younger sharks smell blood and Rossi has to step up the pressure to maintain those wins in order to clinch his overall title. It will be epic.

To learn more about MotoGP, if you are new to it, or looking to refresh your memory, go and visit the website.

We invite you to give MotoGP a spin this year to see if it doesn’t quench your desire for raw racing performance. In the meantime, we will continue to cover electric vehicles, and especially electric motorcycles as Lightning Motorcycle is preparing to commercialize it SuperBike, SportBike and later scooter. Owner Richard Hatfield told me the SuperBike will be even better than last year’s champion race bike. If that doesn’t get you excited, check your pulse.

Checkout Mark Neale’s, the director, other movie on Netflix Charge about the first Electric Motorcycle races on the Isle of Man.

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