CarNewsCafe Podcast 39 – Elvis’ Car, Mclaren 650S, Honda’s April Fools Joke, Nissan Leaf Review, and More!

mclaren 650s spider

mclaren 650s

Despite his having left the building, Elvis’ car, unveiled by Dale Earnhardt Jr. is back! Plus we have reviews of some pickup trucks from Toyota, an electric Nissan LEAF, and other items that all probably won’t segway well. Let’s jump into CarNewsCafe Podcast 39!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. unveiled the refurbished 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III that is part of the Elvis Presley Estate and on display in their museum.  The car is being shown at the Fair currently.

The Dakar race is returning to its looped-route roots. While a race map hasn’t been finalized, the organizers plan to have the race loop from Buenos Aires to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and back.

This week was April Fool’s Day and on Tuesday, Honda released a hilarious video about the Honda Fit Kit, the world’s first production DIY car.  How has Honda leveraged social media to their advantage over the years?  What have other automakers, notably Ford, done with social media and connecting with fans as well.

Next up, McLaren has announced numbers for the 650S Coupe and Spider and they’re no joke. Given the performance numbers of this car, though, a few hundred thousand dollars doesn’t seem quite as pricey considering what you get.  As Nicolas points you need a good barber to buy the McLaren 650S.

And just to make things fun, Aaron compared the 2013 Toyota Tundra, which was reviewed early this year, with the all-new 2014 Toyota Tundra, which he just finished reviewing. There are some changes, but a lot of things stay the same.

On a related note, Nicolas had a thorough test drive of the 2014 Nissan LEAF and gives us the good, the better, and the best in his well-rounded roundup on the car.  We also discuss what Nissan might do with the electric vehicle technology and expertise they have developed with the Nissan Leaf.

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