Do we need autonomous driving or better driver education?

Autonomous driving or better driver education?Autonomous driving or better driver education?
Autonomous driving or better driver education?

Left Lane Psychosis is back!

Left Lane Psychosis is back!It’s been a long time coming and autonomous driving vehicles are on their way. While many will rejoice, removing the constant fear of those spatially challenged on the road, or those unwilling to concentrate and stop texting, purist will lament the further automation of cars. When will we get rid of this left lane psychosis?

Better driver education or autonomous cars?

When I first heard about autonomous driving cars years ago, my reaction was one of dismay. Do we need to remove the responsibility of concentration from drivers? Why not educate them to understand the responsibility of driving a multi-ton vehicle and pay attention to potential dangers. The latter would mean a concerted effort and years of education, while the former is within our reach through technology. The answer is simple, autonomous driving is the easiest path of non-resistance.

Self driving cars are not a bad thing after all. Considering the staggering amount of people texting while driving, putting on makeup, eating and other thought absorbing tasks, is enough to make any motorcycle lover shy away from commuting on our roads. In the Los Angeles area alone, our favorite hated highway, I-405, is the perfect example of left lane psychosis where drivers display an incredible amount of dangerous driving habits. They quickly get in the left lane and drive slowly, thus causing further traffic congestions. They then swirve to other lanes without blinkers, hoping to pass a car or two. They swerve within lanes where motorcycles have to triple guess the clueless driver’s next steps and avoid a collision.

So what about better driver education? Better driver education would certainly mean a new generation of drivers tuned into traffic pattern and potential dangers. They would be aware of motorcycles coming and would not text while driving. Texting while driving is worse than drunk driving and a deadly danger for motorcycles.

Have cash? Here’s your drivers license

The problem with our driver’s license system is that anyone with a breath and money gets a drivers license. A motorcycle license is somewhat stricter, but how many really go through the safety courses that really teaches you how to ride? I have to redo my license and will investigate how those safety motorcycle driver license systems work. Why anyone wouldn’t want to take such a course is beyond rationality.

So the question remains. Do we need autonomous cars or do we need better driver education?

Nicolas Zart
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