Teslarati new Model S color scoop!

Tesla Model S in orange
Tesla Model S in orange

Tesla new colors palettesFresh off the rumor mill, Teslarati breaks news with a possible new color palette for the Model S and Model X.

New colors are coming for the Model S and X

According to a Teslarati tipster who spotted a BASF representative from Detroit at the Hawthorn plant, Tesla Motors could be looking into new colors for its Model S.

Does anyone remember the fantastic orange Roadster color? Where have we seen this before? Oh, yes… right here.

Tesla awe
This picture was taken when my gear head friend finally got that EV moment

One thing is for sure, we would love to see the Model S evolve with a more varied color palette.

Tesla Motors matures

We warned you it would be a Tesla week, and the news of potential new colors means the company is not sitting idly waiting for markets to emerge. As the 100th new Supercharger was celebrated a few days ago, Tesla is also eager to meet the new European and Asian market demands. Speaking of other markets, the company opened 14 Superchargers in Europe and two in China. The Chinese market potential alone, means Tesla must anticipate it and its culture. A new color scheme would be a good way to do this.

Tesla new color palette
Tesla new color palette

So far, we know the Teslarati tipster said he spoke to a BASF representative who was laying down color disks on the front lawn. We are also speculating Tesla wants to introduce a wide palette.

If choosing the right Model S or Model X color was already tough, imagine with 20 or more colors? Personally, we feel the Model S looks elegant in navy blue, but many would agree the available tone choice is very sober, unlike the company’s colorful image.

It’s sad to think Teslarites will have yet another dilemma to deal with, what color will be your next Model S, or new Model X color now?

tesla model s color options
tesla model s color options

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