Nissan will race the ZEOD RC car at Le Mans 24 Hours in just a few days as the first car to complete a full lap of the storied race on nothing but electrons. That’s right, it’s an electric race car, albeit with an on-board generator for the full race, but the car will make history as the first in the top Le Mans circuit to be all-electric for at least one lap.

Before it can go, however, it must pass some testing to qualify for FIA standards as a Garage 56 entry. One of those is crash testing to ensure driver safety.

That testing has been done and the video below shows how well it did.

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One thought on “Watch the ZEOD RC crash”

  1. That’s pretty hairy! Too bad the footage doesn’t show the impact on the wall. Interesting to see that wall of fine carbon particle blowing out on either sides. It certainly gives you a lot of respect for what these drivers have to go through.

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