Energica releases Commercial to Showcase its Ego [VIDEO]

energica ego

Energica, an Italian electric motorcycle company, released a commercial online today to showcase its Ego.  No not that type of Ego but its Energica Ego electric motorcycle that can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds.  Sounds like a pretty slick bike to us.

The commercial and promotional video is meant to emphasize the technology and everything that the Energica Ego comes packed with.

  • *45 years of heritage
  • *F1 technology
  • *Aerospace technology
  • *Together on One Motorcycle
  • *Multiple ride modes
  • *Internet ready
  • *No Emissions
  • *A New Italian Legend

The video has all the elements of a full fledged TV commercial.  A well thought out story with inspiration music in the background couple with nicely done shots in beautiful scenery, a nice looking electric motorcycle, and a gorgeous blonde Italian women at the end with an open back dress.  Check it out the Energica commercial below.

Energica Ego – Electric Satisfaction

Energica Ego, the first high performanced Italian electric motorcycle coming from the passion and experience of CRP Group.

At the heart of this thoroughbred is an electric motor which produces an astounding 195 Nm torque from 0 RPM to redline, an electronically limited 150 Mph (240 km/h) and a 0 — 100 time of under 3 seconds. 

Top of the line racing components, onboard chargers, and a range of approximately 120 miles of real world riding, with a phase 4 DC charge to 85% in just 30 minutes.

The Energica Ego is being touted as a “superbike” but it has to be seen if riders of this variety will take to electric motorcycles.  (Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire is a positive sign there is interest across the motorcycle spectrum.)  The company is currently touring the US to showcase Ego motorcycles in a tour they are calling “Where is my Ego?”

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