Manual vs Automatic: The Ultimate Debate – CarNewsCafe Podcast 42 [MEDIA]

manual vs automatic

manual vs automatic

Whether someone should drive or buy a Manual vs Automatic is one of the most hotly debated topics among auto enthusiasts and gearheads.  Purist declare that nothing can be better than shifting gears and the way it feels.  Normal people that don’t care what they drive say stick shifts are difficult, annoying, and more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Both of the above statements are true.  So on this week’s podcast episode we talk Manual vs Automatic, Automatic vs Manual, stick shfit vs automatic, or whatever you call it.  Some topics we cover

*Essentially should we still shift gears or is this a thing of the past?  (ie something only old people should do.)

*Is driving a manual practical for everyday use?  Especially in traffic.

*Driving in Europe vs the United States.  Nicolas shares differences he knows about and is aware of.

*We share our thoughts about paddle shifters.  Cool or uncool?  Useful and fun?  Are they just for performance and race cars?

*Even for an auto enthusiast the manual vs automatic… is there a debate anymore?  You can own and enjoy both.

*What cars we would want to buy with a stick shift.  (Yes, we talk about the Mazda Miata.)

*We even touch on electric cars and how they don’t need transmissions.  They are direct drive!

Let the heated stick shift debate continue.

Manual vs Automatic

CarNewsCafe Podcast Question of the Week

Would you find a women more attractive if she drove a stick shift vs an automatic?  It doesn’t matter what type of car it is.  It could be any car with a manual transmission even an little econobox or a high end sports car.  Let us know with a comment below.


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