Mitsubishi shows off new 2015 Lancer Evo.. complete with updated cup holders!

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (aka Lancer Evo) is the company’s flagship sports sedan. Our own Nicolas Zart loved this car at Pikes Peak. Now, Mitsubishi is introducing the 2015 model whose updates are headlined by.. wait for it.. new cup holders!


There are two ways to see that: either the Evo is so awesome that it doesn’t really need updating or Mitsubishi has given up on this car so completely that this is all they can be bothered to upgrade for a new model year. As of 2015, the Lancer Evolution will only be available in the American market, further indication of its demise, and the factory-released photos in artistically gloomy black and white seem to seal that deal.

Still, with the S-AWC four-wheel-drive system and Active Yaw Control, along with that Active Center Differential and Active Stability Control (nothing says Lancer Evo better than Active systems), this is no boring sedan. The 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine produces an amazing 290 horsepower through those four wheels. This car is legendary both as a stock-ready street racer and a tuner’s dream, but interest has waned considerably over the years.


Mitsubishi as a whole is, at least in North America, on its dying gasp and despite having some excellent products (witness the Outlander Sport we reviewed as well as this killer Lancer), seems hell bent on bleeding out rather than stuffing its big marketing hole with advertising and promotion to staunch the flow.

It’s too bad because this company really should be getting somewhere. For proof, note the lack of cup holder photos in the range of shots offered thus far for the 2015 Lancer Evolution, despite their being prominent in the car’s press announcement.


Aaron Turpen
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