Pizza Hut is building a Ninja Turtles pizza throwing truck

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is thrilling kids everywhere and destroying fond memories for their parents who loved TMNT as kids. But what good is a kids’ movie without fast food tie-ins? It’s a is what it is. So, in order to keep the high-budget film full of CGI and humanoid turtles with kiddie voices and bad one-liners from flopping straight to stream, TMNT had to partner with someone.

It’s the Ninja Turtles, so who better than a pizza chain? Pachow! Perfect. So the deal with Pizza Hut was struck.

Now, if you’ve got the biggest wannabe children’s blockbuster flick hitting the big screen and a great tie-in as the official purveyor of American-invented Italian food, where do you go to promote yourself?


Pizza Hut is taking this seriously too. They aren’t just going to show up at nation’s largest comic book convention with lame plastic toys of the TMNT Pizza Thrower and some free slices of mostly-palatable pizza. Nope, that wouldn’t be big and bold enough. So instead, they’re gonna toss pies at the crowd using a full-sized, real-life TMNT Pizza Thrower.*

I might actually want to see that. Line up the cosplays and fire away! I’ll leave you to your visions of how that’d play out. Get some ice.

*Note: We don’t actually know if they’re going to throw pizza at the crowd. It just seems like a natural progression of the whole idea.

Aaron Turpen
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