Volkswagen Electric e-Golf Comes to the U.S.

E-Golf comes to the US

e-golfAfter much anticipation around the electric Golf Volkswagen (VW), the company confirms the e-Golf will be available in the U.S. by November.

The Volkswagen e-Golf in the U.S.

The VW e-Golf is finally happening and will come to the U.S. Volkswagen has officially announced that the electric version of its popular Golf will be part of the 2015 model lineup in selected markets throughout the U.S. this November. Purest might lament it won’t be as sexy as the two-door FIAT 500e, but Volkswagen chose to bring the e-Golf only as a four-door. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on its price, although we can assume it will try to compete below the BMW i3 around $35,000, and somewhat above the LEAF, around $20,000. $27,500 anyone?

Volkswagen e-Golf boasts impressive range

Each new generation of electric vehicles (EV) improves upon the old one. It wasn’t long ago when the first wave of EVs proudly claimed 40 to 60 miles of range. Eventually, the numbers climbed up to 80, then finally, it broke the magic 100 miles. The e-Golf’s maximum range is estimated at 115 miles on a full charge, although the company is smart to say it will have enough to satisfy an “everyday driving range” of 70 to 90 miles.

E-Golf comes to the US

Volkswagen e-Golf packs serious kW/hr

The e-Golf will come with a 24.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. Volkswagen says you can achieve an 80 percent charge in a half an hour with its Quick Charging system that comes standard. Unfortunately, the Combined Charging System (SSC)’s fast charging network is far and few between, unlike the more readily available CHAdeMO one. In the meantime, the E-Golf comes with a 7.2 kW on-board charger that can handle any 240-volt home chargers with 30-amps. The 0 to 62 mph will be achieved in 10.4 seconds and the electronically governed top speed will be held at 87 mph powered by a 85-kW electric motor (114HP).

The e-Golf will offer three driving modes, as many do these days. The Normal mode gives the full 85 kW of power, while the Eco mode reduces peak power to 70 kW, as well as the air conditioning system power consumption . There is an Eco + mode, where power is further reduced to 55 kW with no air conditioning. In order to squeeze as much range and climb to the above 100 mile limit, the e-Golf offers four modes of regenerative braking modes. Each increase the amount of regenerative braking from a no-regeneration in D1 to the most in the B mode.

E-Golf comes to the US

Volkswagen e-Golf tackles “range anxiety”

VW doesn’t want you to worry about that “range anxiety” we hear about once in a while. Your fear should be alleviated with the automaker offering a standard roadside assistance plan with the e-Golf. In order to deal with that dreaded “range anxiety”, the e-Golf will the company’s most energy efficient vehicle by being the first Volkswagen sold in the United States with all-LED headlights as standard equipment.

It’s not only good to see newer EVs bumping up the performance with better range, but also to see Volkswagen, once strongly opposed to electric vehicles come to its sense by offering an electric version of its Golf, the Volkswagen e-Golf in the U.S.

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