Supercars Are Dude Magnets… NOT Chick Magnets (VIDEO)

supercar chick magnets

supercar chick magnets

Are you one of those sad auto enthusiasts and gearheads that believe supercars attract women?  Well… unfortunately you are wrong, very wrong.  Supercars at NOT chick magnets.

The car Youtuber Doug DeMuro set out to prove his point that women don’t really notice a supercar, like a bright red Ferrari 360.  However, men… well we love Ferraris! 🙂

DeMuro had two of his attractive women friends, Jamie and Carli, drive around his Ferrari 360 Modena around town to see what sort of reaction they would get from both sexes.  The conclusion?  Women generally will not notice a Ferrari supercar or approach someone who is driving one.  However, guys turn to look, stare, and readily approach attractive girls driving a Ferrari.

Women Driving a Ferrari

We love supercars here on CarNewsCafe but as you can see it doesn’t attract women.   Even we are smart enough to admit this.  Supercars are dude magnets, NOT chick magnets.  If you are a women looking for a date, well you know what you should go drive.  I doubt many women want to date a guy that wants to date them for their car though. 🙂

If you want cars that will attract women check our list of “10 Cars that WILL Get you Laid.”  (Of course even some cars on that list are questionably.)  Have any thoughts about this amazingly smart social expert?  Let us know with a comment below.

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