Tesla Marketing, A Master Class in Hype & Buzz? – EV Podcast #3 (VIDEO + MP3)

tesla marketing

 tesla marketing

Tesla Marketing is something to be envious of.  The innovative company draws media attention and coverage that few others can match and replicate in the automotive or technology world.  Let’s be honest most companies are probably pretty jealous of all the coverage and fanfare Tesla creates around company announcements, right?  Even small and seemingly unimportant Tesla news gets a lot of media buzz and hype.  How does this start-up electric car company do it?  What is the secret Tesla Marketing sauce?

In the CarNewsCafe Electric Vehicle (EV) Podcast episode 3 we aim to try to figure this out.  Some questions we ask and topics we explore in this podcast episode.

*Does Tesla have traditional marketing or not?

*How does Tesla do such a great job of making so that so many media outlets cover them, with such gusto?

*How can Tesla be so impervious to criticism?

*Why do journalist and writers from major publications miss glaringly obvious things Tesla leaves out when they send a press release?

*Is studying their Tesla marketing tactics and strategies a master class in public relations and viral marketing?

*What can small companies learn from Tesla marketing and how can people replicate their media buzz success?

*Why they rarely just sent out a press release without also writing a blog post.

*Tesla Advertising, doesn’t exist yet but will it soon?

*Why going silent for big news stories, like the Gigafactory, is a smart strategy.

Tesla Marketing

We talk about all this and more from an inside look by electric car writers and analysts in the field.

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