Toyota Brings Next-generation Automated Vehicle Tech To U.S.

Toyota is bringing next-generation technologies for vehicle automation to the United States and showing them at the Toyota Advanced Safety Seminar in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The tech includes environment-mapping systems that can track objects on the road both day and night, 3D information displays that transform the ability to provide road information to drivers, and an advanced driving support system that will be available to U.S. customers in the mid-decade, Toyota says.

The items will be shown in next week’s Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress.


“Toyota’s vision is of a world without traffic fatalities, and these advanced connected and automated vehicle technologies hold the potential to revolutionize automotive safety,” said Seigo Kuzumaki, Chief Safety Technology Officer Secretary for Toyota Motor Corporation. “We are committed to bringing advanced active safety systems to market as quickly as possible and will make them accessible to a broad range of drivers.”

 First unveiled last year in Japan, Toyota’s Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA) system is designed to team up with the driver behind the wheel to control the car safely. The newest version of AHDA, unveiled at TASS and on display at the ITS World Congress, has been programmed based on actual traffic conditions in the United States and can operate at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

The system integrates three core technologies: Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), Lane Trace Control (LTC) and Predictive & Interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI). These support the driver by helping to keep the vehicle in the lane and a safe distance from others on the road, all while travelling at highway speeds. The advanced Predictive and Interactive HMI promotes driver engagement by warning when the system will disengage and monitoring the driver’s hands on the wheel.

Aaron Turpen
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