Confessions Of A Used Porsche Boxster Buyer

It’s a well-known fact that the Boxster is one of Porsche’s best-selling sports cars. In fact, it is most-likely the model that transformed the German carmaker’s fortunes! The only downside is that the Boxster had a stereotype as a “poor man’s Porsche.”

The truth is; the Porsche Boxster isn’t a cheap car by any stretch of the imagination. Used models are attractive to those new to the marque. It isn’t as cheap to maintain and repair as a budget or mid-range sports car, for example.

Are you thinking of buying a used Porsche Boxster? If so, I’m sure you will have gone online and read various reviews on the car. But if you want the lowdown from an actual owner on what it’s like to buy, this is the article for you!


Carry on reading this blog post to learn how to avoid buying a lemon that you will grow to hate!

Avoid high-mileage models

Some people argue that high-mileage cars can be just as good as ones with average mileage. That might be true if the former owners of the car spared no expense at maintaining the vehicle.

But if repairs and maintenance were lax, you’ll end up with a Boxster that costs thousands just to put into a roadworthy state!

For those reasons, I recommend avoiding high-mileage models – regardless of how cheap they are. By the time you bought such a car and spent the money to fix it up, you may as well have bought a good condition example with average mileage!

Avoid early examples

Another way that some folks try to get a bargain used Porsche Boxster is by getting one of the first models built. The Boxster first got made available back in 1996, according to Junction 17 Cars.

Buying an 18-year old car for everyday use isn’t the best of ideas, and it’s worse if you buy a high-ticket car like the Porsche Boxster! Try to stick with examples that are no more than six years old at the most.

If you can’t afford to do that, I’m afraid you doubtless won’t be able to afford maintaining and servicing a Boxster either. If that’s the case, you will need to rethink your Boxster buying strategy.

Do your homework

Before you hand over your hard-earned dollars to the seller, you should make sure that you take the time to do plenty of research first.

The things you should research include model changes by year and average prices depending on age and condition. By doing so, you can make sure that you won’t get ripped off when buying a used Porsche Boxster.

Get a Carfax report

There is some debate as to whether Carfax reports are worth the paper they are written on. On a personal note, I wouldn’t rely on them to provide evidence of every accident the car has been. After all, many people repair their cars without telling the insurance company.

The main reason you should get one is to confirm the title details of the Boxster you want to buy.

Good luck!


Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.