The Greatest 7 Minutes of Rally You’ll Ever See.. ‘Be Brave’

If you’ve ever wondered why rally driving is so popular globally, you’ll cease to do so once you’ve seen this video taken from the cockpit of a Ford team in Scotland. The two are taking on the Gribun Rocks stage of the Mull Rally and during this seven minutes, you’ll find out not only what goes on in the car during a race, but also see what a record-setting run looks like first hand.

Driver Peter Taylor and navigator Andrew Roughead (who’s doing the talking) are flying through the Scottish countryside in one of the greatest runs you’ll ever witness. Side notes from the navigator, probably made as cues to indicate how to approach the coming obstacle, include phrases like “Be Brave!” and “Don’t be a hero.”

This is awesomeness on a new level.

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Aaron Turpen
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