What Happens When the Steering Wheel Comes Off a Formula Offroad Vehicle in a Hill Climb?

Here’ some fun stuff. Formula Offroad driver Ingólfur Guðvarðarson was competing in a Formula event in Iceland when his steering wheel popped off during a hill climb. The truck, of course, wrecked, but the funny bit is watching him attempting to re-connect the steering wheel as the vehicle rolls down the hill. Apparently oblivious to the barrel roll down the hill that his truck is taking, and, it appears, completely trusting in its safety cage, he keeps trying to shove the wheel back onto the column.

The failure was obviously in the wheel’s quick disconnect, there to aid getting in and out of the vehicle as well as to aid pulling a driver out after a serious wreck. Many professional sports vehicles have these quick-release mechanisms. When they malfunction, though.. it can be disastrous. Or it can be a kink in the overall race that, minutes later, is no big deal as Ingólfur returns to that hill and conquers it.


Aaron Turpen
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