Secrets of buying a salvage title car

by Ashley Thomas

If you need your own vehicle but your budget does not allow large purchases for now, turn your views at such category of cars a “salvage title”. Buying a salvage title car can be a great chance to become an owner of a vehicle for unusually low price, espcially if you’re buying with cash for cars. Whether you select a second car, a temporary car or the one that simply will not hit the budget, you should understand that buying this type of car is connected with risks of fraud. This list was created by experienced managers from BuyAutoSalvage auction for salvage cars.

1. First of all, you should abandon any hopes that you will get a perfect car for little money. Let’s face it that a really good car cannot be cheap. It’s a nonsense that you will be proposed a Honda of 2013 at $3000. No matter how damaged it is.

2. If you liked the car only by photo in the Internet, you should realize that any car, and in particular car with the title of salvage, cannot be judged only by its exterior. The sellers are intended to get rid of their cars and for sure will not highlight all the drawbacks at once until they can hook somebody. Be ready that even in the most fortunate cases you will still be in need of replacing of some parts in the purchased car.


3. It will be right to require history report on the vehicle to fully understand what damage the car survived. Ask the dealer what happened to the car to become a salvage titled. It will be useful to ask for the pictures of the vehicle before the repair to see the scope of the damage.

4. The repair estimate can tell you what was repaired in the vehicle. One of the most serious damages that the car may get is flood. Water, especially salt water, is extremely corrosive. The repair can be very costly if engine or transmission suffered.

5. Some states (like Florida) do not issue salvaged titles. This can be unpleasant surprise for you after a deal purchasing the salvaged car with a clear title.

6. You may find that the financing companies usually do not lease the salvaged automobiles. Address directly to the dealer for financing. Read the conditions attentively not to be captured in the trap.

7. Weigh the savings vs. future costs. Is it worth saving $2000 instead of buying a better car, if the total repair of the cheaper one will cost $ 1500. Saving is good only if you are capable of performing the repairs by yourself.

8. Be aware that salvage title cars are not so easy to sell to the next buyer if you decide to buy a new car in future.

9. If you are afraid of buying a car through the auctions or unknown dealers, try to call the local body shop and ask them to find a car or recommend a dealer. They usually have some connections with dealers and know certain markets, auctions, etc. Remind about yourself to the body shop from time to time to be sure that they do not forget about your request.

10. You can also advertise to community bank that works with small business loans for a reference to a dealer and/or body shop. As far as they regularly deal with car selling, their recommendations can be quite reliable.

11. Some of your friend may also have necessary information for you. So do not keep in silence that you are looking for a car as your friends may know a dealer or body shop to give you the most trustful recommendation.

12. At last, do not buy in a hurry! Research for the best price and reliability of the dealer, check the Internet reviews of the dealer, inspect the selected car with a trustful mechanic, estimate the future costs, and collect information about insurance.

I hope that these secrets will help you be more attentive and have a good purchase!