How to Unlock a Car Door Without Keys?

by Luke Peters

If you drive a car, you know how frustrating it is to lock your car keys inside the car. It is like solving a puzzle that holds the key to the whole quest. Although it is possible for people to unlock the cars using coat hangers and magnets, most modern car models require a lot more to get them unlocked in such a situation. Unlocking the car manually without the key is a complicated process and can also damage the car paint job and the car locking mechanisms. As most cars are an expensive affair and it is often heartbreaking to see your beloved mean machine get damaged in front of your eyes. Here are a few ways how you can unlock your car doors without damaging your vehicle too much.


1. Call a Locksmith

The best way to get your car unlocked is to hire the services of a locksmith. Locksmiths are well equipped with the required tools to get your car door unlocked and retrieve your locked keys.

Locksmiths usually carry a variety of different wedges that easily slide to provide access to locking mechanisms. While metal wedges can do a degree of damage to your car’s paint, you can ask the locksmith to use an inflatable wedge which slides easily between the window and the weather stripping and is inflated to create a gap.

2. Call the Police

When emergency strikes, the best solution is to call the police. While calling the cops might sound a bit far-fetched to take care of a seemingly minuscule problem like this, it is often helpful as the police have the necessary means to unlock your cars. However, most cops only respond to genuine emergency situations and their tools can essentially damage the car’s door and the locking mechanism.

3. Automatic Lock Picks

While getting your hands on one of these can be an initially expensive affair, but can save you from a lot of trouble in the later run. Most professional locksmiths, often use such automated lock picking tools to avoid damage to the car’s paint and locking mechanism. The lock pick is comprised of an automated torsion wrench that places tension on the lock cylinder making the lock easier to pick.

4. Using a Slim Jim

Car Lockout Kits can also be obtained from your local car hardware store for personal use. The best available tool for unlocking car doors are trademarked as Slim Jims. Slim Jims are simply metal wedges that slip between the stripping and the window to reach the lock rod. Various types of Slim Jims are available according to the various car models which makes it even easier to unlock different cars. Nevertheless, it is still hard to unlock the newer car models with the Slim Jim kits.

5. Calling the Insurance Company

Several car insurance policies cover even the smallest of customer grievances such as a lockout. Car insurance companies that cover lockouts in their policy often employ professional locksmiths that provide a prompt assistance to the owner of the car. However, this only works if your insurance company offers assistance during lockouts.

6. Calling The Car Dealership

In case you have someone who can fetch for you, the best way to unlock the car door in case of a lock down, is to call the dealership from where you have bought the car. The dealership would ask for your car VIN number which is located in the front of your car’s dashboard and is visible from outside. The dealership will then easily provide you with a second set of keys in a matter of minutes.

Getting locked outside the car is indeed a frustrating situation and can result in a lot of unnecessary panic and not allow you to think straight. We must remember that in this modern world, it isn’t very hard to get by such minuscule problems if you have the right contacts and tools. The above tips and tricks might come real handy to solve a cumbersome situation such as a lockout.