Lightning Motorcycles stops by Jay Leno’s Garage

jay leno lightning motorcycles

Richard Hatfield, Lightning Motorcycles CEO stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage recently to discuss the company’s production electric motorcycle, the LS-218.  Coming off from winning Pikes Peak by almost 21 seconds, ahead of even gas powered motorcycles, last year Hatfield and Lightning Motorcycles stunned the motorcycle world and racing fans at Pikes Peak. You’d think Jay Leno would have heard of Lightning Motorcycles, but apparently he hadn’t. We had suggested an introduction to Richard and glad to see it finally happened. He only heard about the company when he met Richard Hatfield, the founder and CEO of the electric motorcycle start-up at Pebble Beach.  Of course, part of the Lightning LS-218 stopping by was Jay Leno getting to ride the electric motorcycle.

Jay Leno’s Garage – Lightning Motorcycles

Jay Leno has featured other electric motorcycles on Jay Leno’s Garage before.  Most recently he had Ken Ostermann, head of Global Marketing for Harley-Davidson, on to talk about the Harley-Davidson LiveWire and he got a chance to ride it.  (For those that haven’t heard the LiveWire is a prototype electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson.)  Other electric motorcycles that have been on Jay Leno’s Garage include the Brammo Empulse and the Mission RS.

You can read our interview with Richard Hatfield if you want to learn more about Lightning Motorcycles.  What do you think of the LS-218 compared to other electric motorcycles featured on Jay Leno’s Garage?

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