CarNewsCafe’s Top 40 Articles of 2014

chrome underground

We hope you had a fun 2014.  We sure did in 2014 and we wrote a lot of great articles over the past year.  While we can’t showcase every single article we do hope that you spend some time kicking around our archives reading our old car reviews and auto stories.  Blood, sweat, and tears went into those in case you did not know.

To celebrate 2015 we’ve decided to round-up the 40 most popular articles during the last year.  We certainly have our personal favorite articles but readers don’t always like them.

We can only hope that 2015 will bring cooler, faster, and slicker car stories for the team here to write and talk about.

Editors’ Note – All these articles were are gauged by web analytics stats. 

1. Chrome Underground

There seems to have been a mixed reaction to the show “Chrome Underground” chronicling the adventures of a classic car buyers Yusuf Johnson and Antonio Brunet.  While in the review I questioned if it was real, it honestly doesn’t matter as the show is entertaining.  At least I find it fun but some gearheads probably hate it.

2. Cars of the Trailer Park Boys

People love the TV show The Trailer Park Boys.  Aaron’s article on all the cars from the show still gets a lot of people talking on car discussion forums.  It made our Top 10 articles last year too.

3. Subaru Impreza Sport Review

Our auto reviews always rock on CarNewsCafe and the Subaru impreza Sport review made a lot of potential buyers think about a Subaru it seems.

5. Honda Electric Motorcycle

Nicolas has an obsession with electric motorcycles and a honda electric motorcycle on the horizon was a popular topic.

6. Outlander vs Forester

This made out Top 10 Articles of 2013 list too.  A lot of people search “VS” types of articles so the Outlander vs Forester heads-up comparison wasn’t surprising to us.

7. Elio Motors Vaporware

Elio Motors seems to have an avid fan base, which is surprising since the they haven’t even gone into production yet.  The sub $7,000 price for new three-wheeled car seems to keep generating media buzz even if we aren’t sure if it will happen.

9. Rimac Concept

Nicolas wrote a quick post about the Rimac Concept, an all electric supercar, which generated a lot of social media buzz.

10. Subaru Outback Review

Aaron’s review of the 2014 Subaru Outback is a well written review. It was tested during the harsh Wyoming winter too which is just when you would need an Subaru’s legendary AWD (All Wheel Drive).

11. Top 5 Things to Check on a Used BMW 3 Series

Seems a lot of people are want to know what can go wrong with a used BMW 3-Series.  In my experience with German cars probably a lot of expensive repairs are ahead of you if you buy a BMW. 🙂

12. Lexus F-Sport Review

Our 2014 Lexus RX-350 F Sport review means that a lot of people are looking for SUV luxury.  Apparently not the team here though.

12. Subaru BRZ Convertible

This made our Top 10 articles last year.  The Subaru BRZ convertible is something we are all hoping for but Subaru are tricksters it seems.

12. 1959 Cadillac Cyclone – Coffee and a Concept

Another article that was popular last year.  Aaron’s write-up on concept cars like the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone still get a lot of shares.

13. Tacoma Off-Roading

Tim Esterdahl likes writing about trucks and this teaser article was something that truck fans ate up.

14. Hot Russian Girls

I wrote this article abut the Russian girl group Serebro singing their hit song in a car “Mama Lover.”  Who doesn’t like hot russian girls?

15. 2014 Toyota Tundra Review

Aaron kinda likes writing about trucks too and this review of the 2014 Toyota Tundra made it seem more a luxury mobile than work truck.  Probably because it is.

17. Cars that WILl Get you Laid

This is a farily popular search term and we are not surprised.  Some staffers here didn’t like that we didn’t mention trucks.

18. Buick Y-Job

Another coffee and a concept article on our Top 10 list last year.  The Buick Y-Job is a great concept car.

19. Elio Financials

We show my even if Elio Motors does get funded they probably can’t build it.  The financials just do not make sense.  Watch our Elio Motors Review by the way.

20. Ram Power Wagon

Tim did a head to head comparison of the Ford Rapter, Tundtra TRD Pro, and the Ram Power Wagon.

21. 2014 Corolla S Review

Some people hate, some people love it.  Whatever you have to say about the Toyota Corolla it’s hard to beat the reliability and usefulness of the Corolla.  it is the best selling car of all time and people like our 2014 Corolla Review.

22. Ford Raptor Spied

Another truck article.

23. Lexus LX570 vs Infiniti QX80

Aaron’s comparison article of the Lexus LX570 vs Infiniti QX80 has some great information for those looking for a large luxury SUV.

24. Honda Fit Kit Car Commercial

This was a great April Fool’s joke my Honda on a Honda Fit kit car that you put together yourself. it hit the exact market the Honda Fit aims for.  Essentially young, hip, and earthy.

25. Toyota Tundra Limited Review

26. 2013 vs 2014 Toyota Tundra

We compare the 2013 vs 2014 Toyota Tundra.

27. CarNewsCafe Auto Writers Contest

We held a writing contest for those that want to be auto writers.  We get asked about this all the time and we had some entries into the contest.

28.  Subaru BRZ Success with Millennials

This article shows how Subaru made a mistake, thinking the Subaru BRZ would not sell well.  You make a reasonably priced sports car, it will sell. The Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S has proved this recently while the Mazda Miata has shown this for years.

29. Le Mans Grand Am Series

Just a photo that showcase all the cars in the 2014 Le Mans Grand Am series.

30. Chevrolet EX-122 – Coffee and a Concept 

Aaron does another great concept car write-up on the Chevrolet EX-122.

31. Nissan Frontier Pro 4×4 Review

The Nissan Frontier Pro 4×4 is a great truck for those looking to off-road and a little bit of fun.

32. Ford Mustang Convertible

The redesigned Ford Mustang convertible was designed with sex appeal in mind.

33. 8 Lamest Car Memes

Another article that made our Top 10 list from 2013.  I guess people like looking bad car memes.  Why?  Beats us! 🙂

34. Infiniti Q60 Review

Aaron continues to make us all jealous with a luxury car review. This time with an Infiniti Q60.

35. Lightning Motorcycles LS-218

Lightning Motorcycle introduced the LS 218, a production ready electric motorcycle that is the world’s fastest (currently).  Since the company won Pikes Peak and was on Jay Leno’s Garage things are looking ok.

36. VW Beetle Convertible Review

If you look up “chick magnet” in the dictionary you would see the VW Beetle convertible along with a picture of the enigmatic Adam.

37. Richard Hatfield Interview

Nicolas interviewed Richard Hatfield of Lightning Motorcycles.  It was such a good interview it made our Top 10 list last year as well.

38. Rods N Wheels

I wrote a review of the first episode of the short lived show Rods N Wheels about a Hot Rod shop in Southern California. Read some of the reviews, they are pretty funny.

39. Toyota 4Runner TrailRunner Review

Another great CarNewsCafe review, this time of the Toyota 4Runner TrailRunner.

40. Toyota 4Runner Limited

While Aaron liked the TrailRunner he wasn’t so sure about the Toyota 4Runner Limited (a different trim line.)

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