2016 nissan titan

If you are a truck fanatic, like our part time CarNewsCafe contributor Tim Esterdahl, than you’ll love watching the entire introduction and World Debut of the Nissan Titan full size pickup truck line-up at the Detroit Auto Show.

Watch the unveiling of the Nissan Titan and let us know what your thoughts are about this new truck line.

Nissan Titan World Debut – Detroit Auto Show

Detroit Auto Show coverage

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5 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Nissan Titan World Debut – Detroit Auto Show”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Adam. At the 11:40 mark, you’ll see Tim Esterdahl walking towards the stage at the center of the screen. Shortly after that, you see me doing the same. He’s wearing a gray shirt with a backpack, I’m wearing a lighter gray shirt with a camera bag over my shoulder. At 11:56, you see Tim distinctly at the edge of the crowd around Ghosn. At the 12m mark, Tim is at the center of the press crowd and I’m working my way around the left side to get another angle.

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