When Jay Leno found this car, it was sitting in a back yard and had been there for forty years and hadn’t run in over ten. The car was an import in its day and had its own non-Chrysler Hemispherical engine design. After two years of work, Leno’s restoration is complete. This is a very cool, rare car. Good work, Jay!


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One thought on “1962 Daimler SP250”

  1. My boss had one of these back in 1967 and I got to watch it do motocross. Pretty quick in those days. I had an MG Midget which I thought was sort of quick. So wrong of me, my Prius is faster than that MG. He once told me about a time when he was almost pulled over but was saved because he was street dragging with a Corvette. He was beating the Vette but not the car with the flashing red light. The police stayed behind him for a moment and then bought the idea that the vette was actually the faster car. The vette driver got the ticket and lost the race.

    In one race run he lost the back axle suddenly and it went straight up and down. He lived to tell the tail and I watched it.

    Fun times. We were called the “Red Liners Club” in Northern California.

    I would never speed, but a friend of mine got a ticket for over 90 MPH trying to catch up to me. Guess I passed the cop before he finished his dough nut.


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