New Intelligent Tyre Concept For Safety Driving

Since the invention of first fuel-driven technological machines and vehicles, man hasn’t stopped improving and making them more advanced. We car lovers in particularly, find it thrilling to receive news about a new brand of car about to be launched, or a new piece of car equipment, or… a new aspect of tire advancement. Here we will discuss and try to bring the Intelligent Tyre concept closer to you.

One of the major goals in research and development in relation to automotive industry is safety. The automotive industry prioritizes safety in research and development (according to 2012 statistics, the annual number of motor vehicle fatalities in U.S. was 33,561.) Tires were just recently stopped being considered only a part of the vehicle. Today, they are included in every driving assistance system. Advanced Driver Assistance System is a car controlling and monitoring system which gives driver lots of important information and helps him while driving. In 2002 a project called APOLLO was launched in order to develop a tire for intelligent vehicle technology. Intelligent Tyre is now part of Advanced Driver Assistance System.

According to APOLLO project details, three main research and technology objectives for the project were:

  • Introducing innovative sensors for monitoring tire condition, road condition and tire-road interaction.
  • Developing new solutions for a wireless communication interface and a battery-less power supply enabling intelligent tire systems.
  • Creating an ‘intelligent’ tire: integrating all electronic components into the tire by means of mechanization design, taking into account processes of manufacturing, handling and maintenance.

The three main objectives in producing Intelligent Tyre prototype were:

  • To increase road traffic safety by means of an intelligent tire system;
  • To enable improvements for vehicle control systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and chassis control systems;
  • To enable the introduction of innovative services concerning tire and road conditions for different user groups both inside and outside the vehicle.

The methodology used for research included:

  • Investigating the needs and expectations of various user groups concerning an intelligent tyre.
  • Showing the added value the intelligent tyre can provide for driving safety and comfort as well as providing different user groups also outside the vehicle with other services.
  • Defining a reference application for the intelligent tyre prototype.
  • Developing a new type of a wireless communication interface between tyre and vehicle.
  • Integrating the intelligent tyre protype into a vehicle and verifying in real driving conditions that the signals from the tyre are available for vehicle systems as specified.
  • Disseminating the results of the work throughout the project life-span and linking the project to other ADAS-projects.
  • Preparing the way and drawing up a road map for the exploitation of intelligent tyre systems

image 3 (1)Tires represent the connection between the road and the vehicle and if they are not of high quality your drive will be unpleasant and unsafe (read these myths). Intelligent Tyre concept means the possibility of collecting data about tire-ground connection through numerous sensors mounted in a tire. The Tyre Mounted Sensor (TMS), transmits information about the tyre to a control unit inside the vehicle. Having it correctly inflated ensures good steering, braking and cornering, as well as lowering running costs by cutting fuel consumption and extending the tyre’s lifespan. It is capable of working in extreme temperatures and physical conditions and is used extensively across the mining, construction, tyre testing, earthmoving, container & cargo handling and transit sectors, around the world. The data collected by the sensors (pressure, temperature, tread wear, damage, tire type, age, etc.) are important as primary input parameters for Advance Driver Assistance System. In combination with road data (texture of road surface, road type and road condition) and data collected from other vehicle sensors (forces, torques, friction, speed, slip, detection of aquaplaning), it can significantly improve the safety of driving your car.

The 10th Annual Conference Intelligent Tires Technology 2014 (organized by IQPC) took place in the city of Nurtingen in Germany, 21-23 October 2014, where experts held lectures and lead discussions about the aspects of this concept and presenting a huge amount of options this concept offers to us. The latest world-wide regulations on tires and discover advanced technologies for intelligent tire systems were presented at the conference. One of the main topics (along many other interesting points) was exploring of innovative solutions for improving acoustics.

image 1 (1)The automotive industry nowadays pays a lot of attention to safety. And what could be the best area to make advancement and improve safety conditions than the key connection between the road and the vehicle (make sure to read these myths). According to Tire Technology for Commercial Vehicles, Intelligent tyre prototype will help produce tires that have ability to bear up heavy load, prolonged durability and are fuel efficient. Commercial vehicles are to encounter a lot of great innovations.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in cars and automotive news. In her free time she likes to enjoy auto shows and read latest news in car industry. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by Tyre Right.