The All New Chevrolet Impala Review

When it comes to buying a luxury car on a budget, most people look towards models designed and manufactured by Chevrolet. Not only can those cars compete with the likes of BMW for style and comfort, but they also have an amazing safety record. It has taken a long time for the people behind this company to build a reputation for being the best in the business. Today we see they produce some of the most impressive models on the market. It should come as no surprise that the latest Impala edition is making waves around the world. While the model is only available for the American market at the current time, word on the grapevine is it will soon get released in the UK and Europe too.


You get a lot for your money when buying any model from Chevrolet. The Impala is currently available for between $27,315 and $40,322. Those who decide to pay a little more will get all the standard features you would expect with some extras thrown in. You would expect to pay as much as $60,000 for a similar model from the likes of BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Anyone who wants to spend less should consider getting hold of a second-hand model. All dealers with a good inventory of used cars should have one in stock.


We managed to obtain this vehicle for an entire weekend, and so we had plenty of time to put it through its paces. You’ll be glad to hear it was a dream to drive in all manner of different conditions. In our road tests, we found that response times were quick, and braking distances were as we predicted. When taking the car out on a track, we managed to reach top speeds of just over 240 km/h. That said, we did opt for the model with a 3 liter V8 engine. What else would you expect?


The designers at Chevrolet understand that safety is of paramount importance to their customers. For that reason, the new Impala is equipped with some of the best tools and devices in the world. You can expect to find..

  • Driver Air Bag
  • Passenger Air Bag
  • Side Head Air Bag
  • Rear Head Air Bag
  • Side Air Bag
  • Rear Body Air Bag
  • 4-Wheel ABS
  • 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Brake Assist
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Child Safety Locks
  • Traction Control


Nobody wants to spend thousands on a new car to find it spends most of its life in the garage. With that in mind, you should be happy to learn the Chevrolet Impala scores high on the reliability scale. It also comes with a three-year/36,000 mile warranty.

Do we think you should go out any buy one of these models today? If you have the money, and you’re looking for something that will create the right image at work, then we think it would be a good idea. That said; you might like to consider something with a smaller engine size if the majority of your travel involves short commutes.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.