Top 3 Podium Finish 2015 Super Bowl Car Commercials

This year, we’re narrowing down our Super Bowl commercials to just three top picks, arranged in a classic podium of first, second and third places. No wishy-washy “we’ll just list all of them and give a noncommittal rating” this year. Hell no.

Anyway, you’re reading a Top 3 list, so no more blather. Let’s just get to the picks.

#3 – Chevrolet for Focus Group

Humor goes a long way with us and this year had a lot of doozies in that department. The Focus Group ad, however, featured the new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado in a fun little piece that showed us some key statistics about truck guys. Stuff like the fact that they are 85 percent more handsome, 76 percent more resourceful and 100 percent more likely to have a cool pet. Great stuff here:

#2 – Nissan for With Dad

Any time you put the song Cats in the Cradle into something heartfelt and meaningful, people are gonna tear up. This song was written in 1974 and since then has caused more men to pretend there’s a lot of dust in the air than almost any other musical piece on the radio. In this commercial, Nissan applies the song to a race car driver from the NISMO stables whose wife and son see him leave for work all too often. Of course, it has a far happier ending than the song, proving that the lyrics can teach us something. OK, guys, here’s one minute and thirty one seconds in which you’re going to need to fake “being tired” to wipe your eyes a couple of times.

#1 – Fiat for Blue Pill

The winner this year is Fiat with their play on a Viagra joke. These never get old. As an added bonus, you can now pretend that the tears that just won’t stop from the previous entry are now from laughter at this hilarity. It’s an old guy, a lost blue pill, and some implied penis jokes. Good times from Fiat.

If you like our picks this year, check out last year’s Super Bowl ads roundup for some more slapstick.

Aaron Turpen
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