Ford Focus Red and Black Editions to Support New ST Range

The new Focus ST range caused a lot of excitement at the Geneva Motor Show. But, the new ranges of black and red are set to be the latest editions added to the new range. The Focus ST has long been an affordable yet sporty car for the everyday market. Ford has always given us fantastic cars at an incredible price. But the Focus ST range has certainly been a talking point. The Geneva Motor Show is one of the best car shows in the world. With every car brand in the world showing off their latest and greatest models, it only seems fair that Ford are doing the same.

The new kit on the Focus, however, is sure to appease the masses. It’s sure to give more people more bang for their buck. But the Black and Red edition is enough to send petrol heads and styling fans into a daydream. The affordable option is making waves for the new Focus.

Let’s find out more.

Focus Red and Black: New and Innovative?

The Focus has been a favorite car of late. It’s affordable, stylish and appeals to all kinds of budgets. But the Red and Black additions are going to be a welcome addition to the range. Ford wants to ensure that they have cars on the market that are fully kitted out with all kinds of amazing specs. The extra kit is more like a makeover than anything else.

But, if you are keen to see something of a new style on the Focus, you are sure to love it. The petrol and diesel engines have been spruced up too. Affordability yet practicality are at the heart of Ford. Al Packer Ford Dealership has said that they expect to see a lot of people placing their orders for these new cars. The Fiesta Red and Black have been incredibly popular across Europe. But, it’s set to take the US by storm too. The Red edition has Zetec S trim level styling. But, the grille detailing and roof and mirror caps are styled to perfection. The paintwork features contrasting bodywork elements that make it look like a luxury, yet affordable car.

The detailing and trims are going to lean more towards to the sportier stylings that Ford has yet to accomplish.

Styling Matters

The honeycomb mesh is a welcome adornment to the new Focus. But, that is not all it has. The boot spoiler is sure to please every avid petrol head. The ST side skirts and 18 inch black alloys make it a mean machine that is practical for everyday use. Of course, the interior styling does not let the Ford Focus down either. From red stitching to stainless steel pads, everything about the car looks bespoke and expensive.


Of course, you will be thrilled to know that the new Focus comes in a broad range of different engine sizes that are suited to all kinds of budgets. The 138BHP 1.0 litre is the entry level spec. But couple this is with a three cylinders turbocharged petrol engine, and it’s sure to appeal to all kinds of people. The highest spec is a 148BHP 2 litre engine. The six speed manual gearbox is a real crowd pleaser.

So, Ford has done it again with the Focus. It’s affordable and sassy. What’s not to love?


Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.