Finding the Best Jump Starter

A jump starter is a portable battery device that allows to jump start a car with a dead or discharged battery. It can also be used as a power source to charge cell phones, emergency lighting and radio playing. There are many drivers who get stranded on the road side because of a discharged battery. It is not just embarrassing but also a nightmare to new drivers. But how does one handle this problem? The solution lies in getting the best jump starter on the market; not just any jump starter but the best on the market offering high performance and very effective in starting the vehicle without any hassles.

Features of the best jump starter

The market has many jump starters that offer different performances. Here’s how to look out for one among the ones available:

  • The reverse polarity alarm. This feature ensures that there are no wrong connections, which may damage the battery. The alarm is conspicuous and audible, making it difficult to cause any unnecessary damages.
  • Multifunctionality. Other than jump starting a car battery, it can also be a power source for charging mobile phones, radio playing and emergency lighting as well.  When driving during the night times and approaching dark places it serves as an emergency lighting source.  It has 120 PSI inflator that is ideal for filling any vehicle tires, sporting equipments and inflatable mattresses.
  • ju2Portability. It is designed with low profile and smaller weight, which make it highly portable and very easy to store in smaller places and carry when needed. Thus driving cannot be trapped between jump starting and carrying the device meant for the purpose.  It is easily stored in the garage or vehicle while driving. It is also very easy to use by external users. It can be conveniently handled and transported to the place of need.
  • Battery test gauge. There is nothing as beautiful as having a jump starter that has a test gauge that can be easily read on the front of the unit to measure the charge remaining in the battery. This allows the driver to know when to prepare for long-distance travels.
  • Affordability. While considering starter requirements, it’s important to look for ones that offer high quality and are affordable. There is no frustration bigger than buying a jumper that will not serve the purpose with high performance so advised by suppliers or manufacturers.
  • Safety measures. It’s very important to have safety measures for any device. While considering this, the best starter has spark-resistant and insulated clamps and cables. While operating the jumper, they enable you to stay safe from sparks.

Extra features

What makes the best jumper outstanding is its compatibility with many lead-acid 12-voltage batteries, which are found in cars, motorcycles and boats. Other starters may not be compatible with deep-cycle battery or Automated Glass Mat (AGM).  It’s also very possible to recharge at any standard wall outlet using an extension cord. There is also a safety feature which enables shut off when the battery becomes full.  

Written by Alex Deneanu, a product reviewer and blogger at Imperial Reviews.