NISMO University Explains Why Their GT-R LM Racer is Front-wheel Drive

(May 8, 2015) – The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is the first front-wheel drive car to take on Le Mans in the LM P1 category. Find out why Nissan has taken this unique approach to building a 330kmh race car – from the people who are building it.

The upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans will mark the first time that Nissan’s NISMO team has entered the LM P1 category as well as the first time that a front-wheel drive car will take on the course in that category. Nissan’s NISMO team explains why they chose to utilize FWD in their GT-R LM NISMO, which is remarkably saloon-like in its hood length as a result.

We note that on the victory run, FWD will make it a bit more difficult to spin celebratory donuts..

Aaron Turpen
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